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Reveal the Majestic Oak Tree Inside You


The acorn is a symbol of potential and strength, one that has been revered for ages by cultures around the world. While most of these tiny, yet hardy, little nuts are eaten by passing wildlife, the few that survive until spring sprout and grow to become beautiful towering oak trees. 

As the proverb goes, “Every majestic oak tree was once a nut who stood its ground.” 

For me, this means honoring your truth. Like an acorn, each of us contains the unimaginable potential for growth and strength needed to be the best versions of ourselves, to be who we want to be, to be the person who has always existed inside. 

First, the acorn produces the massive root system that will sustain the life of the tree and provide the support it needs to stand upright and branch out. Then, with patience and perseverance, the mighty oak slowly unfolds into its full expression of life. Each of us has this seed of life within us – we are all capable of growing and achieving any goal we set our mind to. 

As a coach, I will help you develop this root system by providing the support you need to weather the storms of life and become your mighty oak. Each root will become a part of your story, representing a path you took to become a strong, stable, and constant force for yourself.

The acorn metaphor reminds us to look deep inside to discover the seed of something wonderful that is yet to develop, to see our true potential. It will take time, persistence, and the right nurturing, but there is something magnificent waiting to sprout from inside that precious little acorn known as you.

Just as the acorn can grow into a massive oak tree, the spark inside of us can enrich our lives and help us become internally happy and healthy, seeding the forest that makes us whole. It just needs the right conditions to thrive. That is what Acorn Health and Wellness is all about, creating the conditions for growth and unfolding of potential.

Loving Yourself

Active Coaching


My education and training completes my coaching arsenal – allowing me  to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to achieve your goals.  Certified as both a health coach and a life coach, this allows me to encompass any area of life to be an overall wellness coach for you! 

Inner Healing


My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding. 

Lifestyle Guidance


My ability to listen and hold myself accountable ensures I can hold you to the same standards. I believe the person we want to be is already inside, with a little direction I can provide you with the tools needed to enrich your life. 

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Enhance Your Body. Enrich Your Mind. Love Yourself!

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