About Us

Hi! My Name is Heather.



I am a certified Health and Life Coach with advanced Transformational Coaching certifications.

I’m dedicated to empowering others with more love, understanding, and trust. I help people stop hiding who they are because they always feel like no matter what they do, it will never be enough, they will never be enough. I help people heal emotional wounds caused from relationship ruts, manipulation, betrayal, or past experiences so they can have healthy relationships filled with love and laughter, especially the relationship we have with ourselves.  Don't wait to be fulfilled, we only have this moment, make it happen now! 


I have known since I was a little girl that placing myself in other people’s shoes was the key to understanding myself and others on a deep level.

In my opinion this is the key to success in relationships. 

All my life I feel that I’ve been tested by that which is greater to strengthen my integrity, capacity for kindness, forgiveness, acceptance and ability to love. 

When I first looked into coaching as a career, it was like all of the pieces of my life snapped into place and the bigger picture of my purpose was revealed. 

I officially began my coaching journey after my world and everything I knew to be true was shattered. 

My husband admitted to an infidelity and all the love I had grown, built, and fostered crumbled in the blink of an eye. I completely lost my faith in humanity, faith in love, and belief in myself. 

It was the wake-up call that changed everything for me. 

The grief and the traumatic after effects allowed me to do things I never even knew I was capable of doing.  

I was at my lowest low and often heard the words, “Why me? I’m a good person, what did I do to deserve such cruelty?” 


The anger and anxiety I experienced each and every day made me feel like a shell of a person, stumbling through the day, merely going through the motions of living.

Even worse, the revelation coincided with the birth of my first child and I was completely missing all of it because I was consumed by the negative talk and doubts that swirled in my mind. I truly believed this was the proof I had been searching for. The proof that confirmed I am not enough and I am not worthy of love. 

However, this affirmation wasn't working for me, nor had it ever worked for me. I knew I wanted to show my child that there was a choice between bitter and better and that choice for me was better. 

I made the decision to commit to myself 100% and stop the toxic cycle of pain and anger that swirled in my family. 

I made a choice to honor my integrity and offer kindness, forgiveness, and compassion to myself. I literally healed with love and it has created a life I never imagined. 

The life I live now is one that is filled with love for myself, presence in each moment, extreme gratitude and appreciation, as well as healthy and loving relationships. I can truly say, I am at peace.

My family and I were able to find love in a harsh, imperfect situation. Our story is one filled with joy through sorrow. We learned how to  love and respect one another in ways we never knew possible. We learned to love deeply and offer acceptance and compassion when we needed it most. 

It is my mission to help as many people as possible to heal with love so they can write their own success story. 

Want to write your success story?


It is possible to turn pain into personal gain and I will provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability needed to make it happen. 

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