Coaching to Enhance Your Body. Enrich Your Mind. Love Yourself!

 “Every majestic oak was once a nut who stood its ground.” I am proud to be a Self-Love and Stress Relief Coach - some may say life coach - so I can help you stand your ground by building a healthy body, mind, and spirit! I believe the number one triumph in life is building a successful relationship with yourself, and if you can accomplish this, you have the tools to handle anything life throws your way. Once you love yourself, you can truly spread love to others. 


  • Reduce stress from the chaos of daily life
  • heal from painful relationship issues
  • Reclaim your identity and be all of who you are
  • Transform your body image so you see your true self
  • Help with weight loss without fad diets and deprivation
  • Find your vision, turn "I don't want" into "I want" or "I can't" into "I can"
  • Love your life even when things are not going your way
  • Find your inner strength and soar
  • Begin your healing journey so you can stop living in fear and anxiety
  • Break free from feeling stuck by self-doubt so you can overcome destructive patterns
  • Stop the blame game and form habits for a longer, healthier life

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I have a variety of programs to fit your needs.

The programs I offer range from 90 days to single session offerings. I require a breakthrough session, this is a 60 minute phone or video session where I get to know you, you get to know me, and we determine if we are a right fit for one another. 

My 90 Day Intensive programs are targeted solutions for the following categories. 

Health and Wellness Programs: 

Prevention Based- Do you want to focus on your overall health and vitality? Maybe you have witnessed a family member or loved one's health get jeopardized. This is for you if you want to do everything you can to ensure you do not have to go through the same journey. 

Embodiment: Mindset/identity shift is a primary focus in this program. Are you ready to see yourself in a new light? Is it time to relate in a new way? This is for you if you are ready to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. This will help you be your authentic self in all interactions. 

Relationship Programs: 

Self-love - Are you ready to settle the war within and learn how to deeply love every part of yourself? This is for you if you are ready to build self-awareness, make peace with your past, and rewrite your story in a positive light. Learn how to feel connected, joyous, and expressed! 

Relationships with Others- Do you struggle in your relationships with others? Your spouse, co-workers, family, or friends? If you are ready to be connected again, increase your communication, and deepen your bonds, this is the program for you. Here we focus on why you feel disconnected and release any blocks that are causing you resistance and preventing you from moving forward. 

Restoring after a major transition: This is for those struggling with their identity after a painful relationship crisis or life change. Many things happen in life that make us lose sight of who we are. Parenting, new jobs, retirement, divorce, or affairs- they leave us feeling lost. You will regain trust in yourself and learn to be empowered in your decisions and l uncover new possibilities.